The Costumes ORGASM "Ligh it Up"

April 21, 2016




This amazing video was created by Rupert Burton 

These are digital costumes, but I am dreaming with creating something similar in real life.

Definitely on my list!


There is another version of "Light it up" shot in Ghana and directed by Sam Pilling.


Sam Pilling said in a press release:

“Delving deeper into Ghanaian culture, we found that their traditional funeral ceremonies perfectly exemplify this sense of coming together to rise up against sadness.”


It is so inspiring to see how wise and liberating the Ghanaian community process their grieve. What an amazing sacred ceremony!


I did some research and sadly there is not a lot of info to provide you guys about the making of "Light it up" as I wish.


But here are the two versions: 

Enjoy and daydream!

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